Youth Alliance

Lake Oconee Youth Alliance - Version Two

The first LOCC Youth Alliance summer program occurred in June, 2010 as a four week learning and activities camp in a public housing community in Greensboro, Georgia. That first program reached 25 local children between the ages of 6 and 12.

In three short years, the program has grown to reach 160 children at four annual June camps in three locations and two counties.

The Youth Alliance came into being through the extraordinary vision of Avis Williams, Pastor of Community Transformation, and the dedicated support of the Lake Oconee Community Church and community leaders and educators. In the months that follow the summer event, leaders and staff continue to meet with the Youth Alliance children and their families.

Avis and others developed a system of documenting and encouraging academic progress and good citizenship. The result is an ever expanding effort of encouragement that touches the lives and families of these children throughout the entire year.

As an example of the Alliance’s lasting impact, after the first summer program in 2010, students who demonstrated improvement and had met the “scholarship challenge” were treated to a field trip to Washington, D.C. – a never-to-be-forgotten experience for these children.The June camps are directed by competent college/university students, chosen from a pool of applicants. In addition, local high school students, who often are products of the LOCC Youth Alliance, and students from other support agencies and entities of Greene and Putnam Counties help to staff the Alliance summer program.

For more information about the LOCC Youth Alliance, to volunteer as a presenter during the June camps, or to provide support in any way, click to email.

Click for information concerning a related program, the LOCC Scholarship Challenge.

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