Scholarship Challenge

LOCC Youth Alliance Scholarship Challenge

As the LOCC Youth Alliance summer programs conclude each year, those who participated continue to be mentored and encouraged by Pastor Avis and other Youth Alliance counselors and leadership.

The academic progress of each child is monitored, with those who have met ‘the challenge’ of raising their overall grade average by one letter grade level being rewarded with the opportunity
to participate in additional activities or events or being recognized in other ways.

Support for the students is provided through a structure of four events:

– a kick off pizza party at the beginning of the school year for children and parents;

– mid-term and end of term cookies and water report card parties;

– end of grading period activities or field trips for those who have increased their grades
by the ‘challenge’ amount during the grading period;

– end of year banquets which occur at the conclusion of each academic year.
Youth Alliance students, their families, community supporters, and Youth Alliance leadership
come together for this end-of-year event celebrating the accomplishments of the children.  

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