Mid-Day Bible Study

Becky Matheny, Pastor of Spiritual / Communal Development,
leads the study of Scripture in a format of open discussion.

Throughout history, the story of Moses has continued to speak to each successive generation. American slaves composed songs about Moses as they yearned for freedom. Moses is enshrined in the architecture of the U.S. Supreme Court — inside on the south frieze as one of the great lawgivers of history and outside on the eastern pediment. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his final sermon delivered the night before his death, drew upon the story of Moses ascending Mount Nebo. King proclaimed that he had “been to the mountaintop,” where, like Moses, he claimed to have seen the Promised Land. Moses is enshrined in art, music, literature, and film.

He is the single most important figure in the Hebrew Bible. His presence is felt throughout the Christian New Testament. The epic account of his life, together with the deliverance of the Israelite slaves from bondage in Egypt, is the defining story of the Jewish people.

This is a stress-free zone! There is no pressure to participate beyond a person’s comfort and no homework is required. Each session includes life lessons that emerge from the text and interesting tidbits that help us through our daily life. Often, attendees find “themselves” within the subject or the scripture. The study considers the background, the author, the historic context, and personal situation of each subject or biblical passage to more accurately draw the intended meaning. Bible study sessions occur seasonally and the topics vary greatly. Come share together. Come learn from one another. Come become acquainted with the diverse backgrounds and personalities that make up this wonderful community. You will be glad you did!

Previous topics include:
WHY? (Adam Hamilton) – How was Scripture canonized? – Did Paul really write this stuff?
The Book of Revelation – The Parables – Who were the Apostles? – Heaven and Hell
Women in the Bible and Church History – The Resurrection – What is a Disciple?
Translations of the Bible – The Old and New Testament Apocrypha
In the Beginning: A Study of Genesis – Ezra & Nehamia: Rebuilding Life After Destruction
Exodus & The Ten Commandments – The Gospel of John – The Sermon on the Mount
The Problem with Paul

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