Who We Are

Lake Oconee Community Church

is a “MULTI” Denominational Community of Faith which began in 2000 due to the joint efforts of the Georgia Christian Council and David W. Key, Sr. the founding pastor.

The members and those affiliated with LOCC come from over 20 Christian denominations, as well as those who are a part of LOCC – Lake Oconee Congregation Chai, a First Friday Shabbat, led by an LOCC – affiliated Rabbi.

The worship life, structure, and mission of LOCC reflects this incredible diversity.

Since 2000 LOCC has grown to 300 members with worship in two locations and a staff of four full-time pastors.

The regular Sunday services, several community worship, secular, and celebration events draw people from all over the three county Lake Oconee area.

The mission and benevolence efforts of LOCC positively impact life for thousands living in Putnam and Greene Counties.

Lake Oconee Community Church as parent has birthed a dozen LOCC siblings that are described on other pages of LOCC.CO.

LOCC is affiliated with –

The Georgia Christian Council
The Regional Council of Churches of Atlanta
The ICCC – The International Council of Community Churches

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