Creation – Gail Vail

Vail painting for the LOCC

CREATION – by Gail Vail
This triptych is the interpretation of “Creation” by the artist, Gail Vail.

Out of the black of darkness came light which illuminated the sky. God then added sun, moon, stars, water, vegetation and creatures to the collage of life.

The middle panel introduces bright light, fire and blood. Movement, emotion, the presence of color and the significance of numbers are all key elements in the Bible. The seven spheres represent the number seven, mentioned over 700 times in the Bible.

In the art world, the three primaries (red, yellow and blue) cannot be formulated by mixing. Red, the Hebrew word for “Oudem” means “red clay” and equates to “flesh.”  Red is mentioned frequently in the Bible and it expresses love, forgiveness, blood sacrifice, “sins of scarlet” or the doors painted red to spare the lives of the chosen people. Red for the Christian brings to mind the presence of Christ among us in The Holy Spirit. Yellow speaks of trial and purging. Fire, often falls into the yellow category and is used in the purification process. We cannot make yellow in the same way man has no control over trouble. Blue is the symbol of the Word and the healing power of God. Heaven above is blue, filled with the eternal presence of God / G-d / YHWH / Yahweh /  יהוה     Literally, “the One who causes to be” “I am” “the One who creates.” Man is able to create none of the above three.

Mixing yellow (trial) and blue (the Word or power of God) results in green, the color of immortality and resurrection as we are reminded every spring with the budding trees. Red (flesh) plus blue (the Word or power of God) produces purple, the color of royalty which is found in many symbolic items of the church and temple.

The piece of mesh is a reminder of past bondage from which God’s people are set free. A light blue 3 may be seen as well. Three is another perfect Biblical number and important to Trinitarian Christians.

The artist was intentional that this piece be significant to both faith communities, Christians and Jews, and embraced as an interpretive piece by all who enter The LOCC. Just as a child lying on the grass studies the clouds and “sees” shapes, each viewer hopefully finds symbols to personally embrace.

Hear! The Lord our God is One.

Shema in Hebrew

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