Liturgical Arts

worship-artsThe term liturgy is derived from the composite Greek word λειτουργία, meaning a public duty or a work undertaken by a citizen for the state. Today the term liturgy is applied to the public worship of the Church and is generally distinguished from private devotion, which occurs outside official community worship.

The fashioning of objects or vestments and coverings, the designing of worship space, or the planning of the architecture of a church for liturgical worship are commonly designated liturgical art.

The term liturgical art is often used interchangeably with the term sacred art. However the term sacred art, in current usage, tends to overflow the boundaries of what is more restrictively called liturgical art. The term liturgical has a precision and a a connection to the regular and ordered worship/gathering of the church that is not shared by the obscure term sacred. All liturgical art are sacred, but not all sacred art are liturgical.

We at LOCC, even with our multi-faith, multi-location, often nomadic structure, believe the visual and sensual and important part of our life as people of faith.

We are continually attempting to find ways to bring to life who we are as people of the Kingdom of God in this place.

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