Lenten Weekly Gatherings

Lenten Photography Series
– Sacred Reflections through the Lens of a Camera –

From the beauty of Lake Oconee to the thousands of people from all around the world celebrating Lent and Easter, photos have captured the uniqueness of God’s world.  During this Lenten Season, the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, Lake Oconee Community Church (LOCC) will sponsor a series of presentations dealing with how we see the world through the lens of a camera.  These expressions will come from a wide variety of people who see the world differently. Each will help us see things differently and possibly even see what we have not seen previously.

Our presenters  will include Ron Jones, Leigh Lofgren, Mary Catherine Matheny, George Dissmeyer and Steve Kippels.  From the churches of South Dakota to the wildlife from around the world, these photographers will help us focus and think about what we see. “Actually,  this is what Lent is about …  taking a new  look at ourselves and the world around us.  When we begin to focus on those gifts of our world and start to see the wonder of God, and all of creation, we begin to experience the deep beauty and mystery of the Easter tradition,” said Becky Matheny, Pastor for Spiritual Development at LOCC.

Soup Supper – 5:30 p.m.
     Presentations – 6:15 to 7 p.m. Each Wednesday
March 8 through April 5

March 8 – Ron Jones – A Spiritual Geography of South Dakota

March 15 – Leigh Lofgren – The Wonders of Wildlife

March 22 – Mary Catherine Matheny
Beauty Everywhere – Learning to see, do, be and share.

March 29 – George Dissmeyer – Seeing God in the world through Details

April 5 – Steve Kippels – Photographs of Lent/Easter  from around the World

The photography of Maybe Ortiz will be on display at The LOCC throughout the season of Lent.  These will include images of people, places and events of the Lake Oconee community over several years.

Come away from our hurried and harried lives for an introspective journey through Lent.  As we look through the camera lens we might begin to see our world and ourselves in new ways.

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