LOCC exists to …
~ Worship God ~
~ Grow Spiritually as Individuals and as a Community ~
~ Serve our Neighbor ~

 Worship is the core spiritual practice reminding us
of God’s care for God’s creation, during which God calls us
and equips us to nurture one other, to then care for those
outside our community of faith.
A diverse church, LOCC brings together the traditions
of twenty plus denominations.

We attempt to be consistent and broad in language and liturgy; music and word; mindful that this is our purpose and what drives our execution. This displays, affirms, and deepens our goal of remaining connected yet open; structured yet warm; and progressive yet grounded.

LOCC affirms the best things of the numerous denominations and theological viewpoints that make up the American landscape
and the Lake Oconee community. This is not only
true within our weekly, seasonal, and liturgical
rhythm, but within the many community events sponored by the church. 

LOCC follows the seasonal and liturgical
calendar of the church year. Our normal practice is to include The Service of the Table (Holy Communion) each first Sunday of the month. The LOCC table is open to all.



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