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A heart-breaking number of parents, grandparents and siblings face the challenge of a family member dealing with alcoholism or other addiction, and are in need of information and support. Part of the insidious nature of this debilitating illness is that families don’t know what to do about it, don’t know exactly how or where to find resources to deal with it, and don’t discuss it for fear of the social stigma and myriad of imagined consequences attached to it.

Karen and Larry Kludt have facilitated support groups for over five years. Careers specializing in conflict resolution and group facilitation, plus advanced degrees in Psychology and Communication uniquely qualify them for this opportunity and task.

The purpose of the support group is to provide parents and other concerned and involved family members a peer group with which to share experiences, hopes, concerns and successes in a confidential, safe, and informal environment. These groups have proven extremely successful in helping many to become more knowledgeable, more objective, and more effective in dealing with addiction.

All who are in need of support, without regard to church affiliation or faith tradition, are welcome and urged to participate.

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