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 Periodic presentations, often in conjunction with the Linger Longer Living Series, which occur throughout the year. Any future scheduled event will be listed below.The Religious Revolution That Changed Our World
Dr. Loyd Allen ~ A Lecture & Discussion
Tuesday, September 26, 7 p.m.
Reynolds Landing Clubhouse
– five dollars per person – reservations open august 25 –

On October 17, 1517, the German monk Martin Luther nailed Ninety-five Theses to the church door in Wittenberg. He meant them to spark a discussion in his university about God’s ways with humanity. Instead they sparked a firestorm of protest which changed the face of European and American history, as well as that of the Christian faith, forever.

During this 500th anniversary year of this watershed event, Dr. Loyd Allen, Professor of Church History at Mercer University, will explain the Protestant Reformation: why it happened, what happened, and why it matters today. 

— past topics include —
–  Pilgrimages of Life  –  The Problem of Evil  –  Centenarians: Can You Live to be 100?   –
  Images of God  –  Common Sense in Public Discourse  –  Driven No More  –
–  The Hebrew Scriptures of The Common English Bible  –  Globalization & the Islamic State  –
–  The Apostle Paul & the Ancient Corinthians  –  The Biblical Rembrandt  –
– Celtic Christianity – Memorializing the Holocaust – Sex as Sin or Sex as Salvation –
– Why do they hate us? What is jihad? – The Torah: Law & Lore – Understanding my Grandchildren

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