Concentric Circles

LOCC Concentric Circles 1 copy

353God created varied and unique colors to each be beautiful in their own way. Additionally, it is the combination of ALL colors in the spectrum that creates bright white light.

Just as the colors of God’s rainbow are varied and beautiful, so are all of God’s people who together create Lake Oconee Community Church.

354We have long been about widening our circle outward from LOCC into the larger community.

As we have grown into an even more varied, multi-faceted, multi-location congregation, it has become equally important that we tend to the circles that strengthen and create community inside LOCC.

At the 2014 LOCC Fall Picnic, we began the creation and widening of our internal circles to help us become more familiar with one another. Those present enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know others in their color circle. We wish to continue and broaden this effort and experience into 2015.

The larger LOCC circle has been divided into six color groups which we have named LOCC Concentric Circles. Two or more objects are said to be ‘concentric’ when they share the same center, core, or central axis. Hopefully, the implied imagery is clear and meaningful for us all.

For more information or to join a circle please contact us.

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