LOCC exists to …
~ Worship God ~
~ Grow Spiritually as Individuals and as a Community ~

~ Serve our Neighbor ~

LOCC is committed to learning and helping people examine and find answers to the difficult questions of life through personal and group reflections and study. We offer a variety of options to learn within encouraging and supportive environments. We also believe that we grow together as we play together and enjoy one another.

Seasonal Bible Study opportunities are provided at The LOCC, taught by Becky Matheny, and cover a wide variety of topics. Please check LOCC Links, the weekly newsletter, the Calendar, or the Bible Study page for more specific, current information.

Regularly scheduled Movie Nights provide an opportunity for fellowship and lively discussion in the comfort of a home, with appetizers and wine. Sufficient time is provided for all to watch the scheduled movie. We then gather to discuss the topic and how it might be applied to our current experience. Wonderful insights come from all who are present as they share unique life lessons that arise from the story-line. All are learners and teachers in this setting.

In conjunction with Linger Longer Living Series, several Lectures on Culture and Classics occur throughout the year. Experts from a variety of professions and disciplines, both faith based and secular, come to lecture and lead a dialogue. Be sure to join our mailing list, to be aware of the schedule and upcoming topics. 

Many other social and educational events occur throughout the year as interest arises or current events provide a need for conversation.

Any and all LOCC events are open to the community and to people of all faiths. For more information about LOCC or any of our ministries, please contact one of the Staff.

Mid-Day Bible Study       Lectures on Culture and Classics     Movie Nights

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