Our Logo

LOCC partnered with Logos Atlanta to create an image that would communicate who Lake Oconee Community Church is, and that would also reflect the beauty of our lakeside environment that is such an important part of our heritage. We are very pleased with the result.

Below are only a few of the metaphors and feelings that we are told the logo evokes:

  • The colors speak of the water and trees that make our community such a beautiful place to live and in which to worship our Creator
  • The foundational blues points to our “Worship on the Water” roots from which we sprang and our common connection, regardless of tradition, in the waters of baptism
  • Growth and new life is symbolized in the expanding shape of the icon from bottom to top and in the movement from blue to green
  • The gathering of the many differently sized, shaped and hued images creates a collage of a community comprised of many unique individuals
  • The prominence of LOCC as our primary identity
  • Emphasis and centrality of our focus upon “Community” is evidence in the accent color and font used in the text
  • The white cross, though subtle, is the central element of the logo.

Look for LOCC and our icon in their many forms, colors, and textual variations all over the area!

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