Covenant Statement

LOCC Covenant Statement of Faith and Practice

We believe in and are committed to:

—  the transcendence of God throughout the universe,
—  the centrality of Jesus Christ in our Christian faith,
—  the power of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives,
—  and the authority of biblical revelation in our decision-making processes.

Therefore, as we are able, we commit to:

—  pray regularly for Lake Oconee Community Church and its members.
—  attend faithfully the worship and activities of the Church.
—  give generously to the support of the Church and its mission endeavors.
—  serve in whatever capacity our gifts can be used effectively.
—  work toward consensus in our congregational decision-making.
—  remain open to the Holy Spirit’s lead in the development of our Church.
—  encourage others to investigate and join our community of faith.
—  and create a welcoming environment to all who visit in our midst.

Adopted at the first LOCC Congregational meeting in the fall of 2001.

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