How often does LOCC celebrate Communion and how do I participate?

We usually include the Service of The Table in our Sunday morning worship experience each first Sunday of the month.

This schedule is modified when other Festival Sundays occur on that same day.

The below statement occurs in the worship folder on each Communion Sunday.

All are welcome at the LOCC table.
We are all guests of Christ our Host.
As a blended community, we acknowledge and celebrate the wide symbolic range of this Table of Grace, and desire that these earthly elements uniquely become for each person the Divine presence of God.
All are invited to come and receive a blessing from one of the Pastors, and then approach the table.
Please take a wafer and dip it into a Chalice. (A practice known as intinction.)
The chalice with the ribbon contains wine; the one without contains grape juice.
Together, around one Table, we are each a beloved member of one, diverse, Community of Faith.

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