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COMMUNITY: a unified, interacting body of various types of individuals who share a common location and joint ownership, participation, experience, and fellowship within a larger society.

The context within which Lake Oconee Community Church was birthed is the beautiful area of Georgia’s Lake Country, a region with a rich history, however relatively unknown to those beyond the state line until the development of the man-made Georgia Power lake system which is now such a large part of the economic and cultural detail of middle Georgia.

Georgia’s Lake Country began taking shape in 1953 when the waters of the Oconee River were dammed by Georgia Power to create the 15,000-acre Lake Sinclair with approximately 417 miles of shoreline. The local citizens who turned out on weekends to watch the water rise were anticipating a better quality of life from the electricity the dam was predicted to generate, and perhaps a few good fishing spots and swimming holes.

Even when Sinclair’s sister lake, Lake Oconee was created 26 years later in 1979, a 19,000-acre body of water with 374 miles of shoreline, the region still remained largely rural. But with Interstate 20 connecting the Lake Country to Atlanta’s suburbs and the advancing improvement of the area’s secondary roads, new homes sprang up at a rate never before seen in these parts, followed by the retail stores that came soon thereafter.

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The communities that exist deeper within Greene and Putnam counties, as well as those that are among and attached to the lakes themselves continue to be committed to celebrating the history of the region while being intentional about building bridges between the often segmented portions of the varied people and details of experience that create both opportunity and challenge in the area.

All LOCC related entities, programs and ministries share this goal and intention fueled and propelled by a diverse faith based model to bring sacred community to Georgia’s Lake Country and to be agents of justice, equality, growth and opportunity for all of God’s children.

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